Your Data Locker is your personal workspace. It provides easy access to the college planning information you need most – articles on the subjects you find most useful, your favorite colleges, college searches, scholarship opportunities you want to follow up on, and even profiles of students you’re following in the Admissions and Tracker. Click the “My Data Locker” tab at the bottom of any page to open your Data Locker Dashboard.When you use the College Match and Scholarship Finder tools to search for colleges and scholarships, you can save your favorite colleges and scholarship profiles. Your Data Locker has powerful tools to help you manage the information you save. Calculate your chances for admission at all the colleges in your Data Locker, add notes, use labels to categorize and sort your lists, and easily link to more detailed information about any saved college or scholarship.

When you use the Admissions Tracker and Financial Aid Tracker tools, you can save the Tracker Profiles of other students who are interested in the colleges you are considering so you can follow their progress throughout the application process. Or, save the profiles of students with qualifications similar to yours who applied last year. Create your own Admissions Profile when you begin your college search and update it as you apply.


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